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Provided you have attended regularly Tuesday sessions and completed the practice weekends, you will, normally, undertake your qualifying expedition in July of the lower sixth year.  We normally do this in the Lake District or the highlands of Scotland, but we are prepared to go to more exotic locations such as the French Alps if there is sufficient interest.

Seen by some as the most challenging part of the award, the expedition at Gold level involves a 4 day (3-camps) self-sufficient hike in wild country covering (typically 80km-90km) and involving 8 hours of walking/planned activity each day.  

Wild Camping

We use a mix of wild campsites and official campsites, partly to keep the costs down, but mostly because the experience you get camping in the wilderness is far more rewarding.  Don’t worry though, full training will be given on how to deal with cooking, purifying water, washing and dealing with waste etc.

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