DofE at Blackpool Sixth

We have been running Duke of Edinburgh Award here at the college since the early 1980’s, so we have a wealth of experience at our disposal.  The Award offers one of those life experiences that is both rewarding and character building.  We are very proud of our successes and even more proud of the student’s themselves.  Completing the Gold award is the pinnacle of the scheme and proves something about the qualities of the individual that is highly valued by employers and Higher Education.

Alan Lloyd DofE Coordinator

All students who participate with us embark straight into the Gold Award.  Student’s who have never before done DofE, are entered as ‘Direct Gold’ whereas those that have already achieved their Silver award will be entered as standard Gold.  The only difference is that ‘Direct Gold’ participants need to do an extra six months on one of their sections.

So why do we do we enter everyone for the Gold Award level?  Simply because we have found over the years that everyone is capable of achieving the Gold, whether they have done their silver or not.  As long as the person is committed, reasonably fit and willing to go the extra mile (no pun intended), they will achieve their Gold.