What does it cost?

We really do try and keep the costs down to a minimum, but unfortunately, some things inevitably do cost.  However, we do not want finance to be a barrier to doing the award, so if you do find it difficult to pay for things, just have a private conversation with one of the leaders.  There are various funds that we can access to help.

Typical costs

  • Registration to sign up for Gold level - £29
  • Practice weekends - £30 each (excluding food that you provide yourselves)
  • Qualifying expedition - £100 (excluding food)
  • Residential -£100 (if you access our college residential at October half term, costs will vary if you choose an external residential opportunity)
(Prices as at May 2017)

Expedition Equipment: We provide full camping equipment and we do have a stock of waterproofs and rucksacks should you not have your own.  You will need, however, your own walking boots and outdoor clothing though.  We find that many students have their own walking boots and suitable outdoor clothing, others usually find someone in their family they can borrow kit from.

Other Costs:
 These are completely dependent on what you do for other sections.  If you want to do Scuba-Diving as a physical, it will cost you!  If you want to do knitting, costs will be a lot less!